Wheelchair Lifting Platform

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Innovative and cost-efficient wheelchair inboard lift designed to reduce complexity and enhance reliability

The iCLASS™ offers a unique design that provides optimum performance and super quiet operation. With a passenger safety zone, versatile set up for a range of vehicles, and lifting capacity of up to 425 kg, the new iCLASS™ is a truly innovative and unique addition to the Mobility Networks range.

Safety & Performance Without Compromise
The iCLASS™ has been designed with a multitude of safety features to protect the disabled passenger, vehicle passengers, the operator and anyone in close proximity to the vehicle.

Every product we produce is designed to not only meet the requirements of the customer, but to exceed their expectations with our safety and performance features.

Forging craftsmanship with technology
3 models to suit a range of vehicle and customer requirements

Performance optimising intelligent ECU
Using an intelligent ECU and high quality materials, this lift ensures a safe and reliable user experience.

Multiple platform types and dimensions to fulfil all vehicle and application requirements
IP67 Protected cables and plugs
Anti-drift mechanism
Mechanical system bridge-plate with anti-slip
Self-leveling anti-ratling mechanism
Punched sheet platform
Sturdy, no wheels roll-off ramp
Genius ECU
Super quiet power-pack

The iCLASS™ product range comes with 3 different handrail options. With Mobility Networks’ products, the customer can focus on comfort and design, leaving the safety to us. At Mobility Networks, we are compliant with the laws that ensure the safety of passengers and vehicle operators. No

Company Name: Mobility Networks

Model: iCLASS™

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