Wheelchair Lifting Platform

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There are some buildings in which it is not possible to install an inclined lift and where a large vertical lift is not necessary since height difference to be negotiated is not great enough to warrant the larger lift. A special form of vertical lift for the disabled can be used in this case: the HIRO 450 wheelchair platform lift or more commonly know as a step lift.

In many public buildings today, wheelchair platform lifts are installed as standard, but they are also increasingly finding applications in private dwellings. They are suitable for the vertical transport, of disabled people in wheelchairs or people with mobility difficulties. The Hiro 450 has a vertical rise of 1.5 metres and a load carrying capacity of 315 kg. The 450 is very easy to operate, using a constant pressure hand held controller fixed to a spiral cable. When the lift is in motion it is powered by a rechargeable battery that is automatically recharged at the stops. For private use, the lift is supplied with an automatic safety bar that closes during travel.

For public applications, a contact-protected door is fitted. As soon as the platform starts to move upwards away from the bottom landing, an aluminum shutter prevents access to the space beneath the platform and thus provides safe protection against accidents.

Since these platform lifts are designed for use both indoors and outdoors, there is a wide spectrum of application possibilities. Installed in just a few hours, they provide the ideal alternative to fixed ramps.

Company Name: Hiro Lift

Model: HIRO 450

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