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The seat shell base frame that grows with the patient
LoopSORG is a seat shell base frame which adapts easily to the rapid changes of its users and their care – and in reference to size, therapy progress and changes of the symptoms.

Individually manufactured according to your measurements and needs.

LoopSORGis tiltable from -5° to +35° or from +2,5° to +40°
Parameters such as seat height, seat position/centre of gravity, distance of foot plate/s etc. can be adjusted precisely to the user
LoopSORGhas a wide product range
LoopSORG stands for highest patient benegit and user-friendly handling in the best technical quality– made in Germany.
German Aid Index Number (push rim version)
German Aid Index Number (12″-version)
LoopSORG is suitable for children, adolescents and adults

Company Name: Sorg Rollstuhltechnik

Model: LoopSORG

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