Wheelchair Cushion

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for wheelchairs
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bariatric, pediatric
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anti-decubitus, square
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Traditional Air Cell Cushions

Star Cushion’s traditional air cell cushions come in 2”, 3”, 4” and 5” heights. All Star Cushions come with a Fitted Cover, Hand Pump, Patch Kit and a 24 Month Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty. The soft, flexible air cells are made of high-quality, latex-free neoprene and are available in all sizes pediatric to bariatric.

The Max Immerse, our 5” high cell cushion, provides the highest level of immersion. The Max Immerse is designed to accommodate individuals with a larger skeletal structure or bony prominence. The uniquely elevated cell contour enables more effective adjustment across the seating surface. While previous cell heights were restricted to 4”, the 5” Max Immerse allows situating the client to a new, greater depth ensuring ultimate dispersion of the weight bearing load throughout the surface area. The soft, flexible air cells are ideal for the prevention and healing of up to and including a Stage IV pressure ulcer.

Company Name: Star Cushion Products

Model: Max Immerse

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