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This stand-up, walking, transport and transfer aid, suitable for domestic use, as well as in the nursing home and healthcare sectors, affords both stimulation and mobilisation.

A patient can be lifted very carefully – in accordance with physiological movement patterns – from a seated to a standing position and be moved directly to the bath, toilet or bed, all without effort. In this way, the patient’s leg musculature, sense of balance and circulation, among other things, is trained.

Due to its compact design, the Vita-Lift is ideal for use in very confined spaces. The electrical straddle adjustment allows a wheelchair to be pushed directly up to the footplate.

The belt and knee supports are padded for comfortable transport of the patient. Lifting arm and knee supports are individually adjustable.

Also available is the option of two swivel- mounted hand grips for additional safety during the raising of the patient.

For patients who are mobile with guidance and support and only require backup protection while standing, the footplate of the Vita-Lift can be removed out of the way.

A cable-operated remote control allows the patient to operate the stand-up aid for herself or himself, thus granting the patient the greatest possible independence and privacy.

Minimal mobility left e. g.:

Paralysis of lower extremities
Muscular diseases
and others

Scope of delivery
Remote control
Battery charger
Emergency stop button
Electric width adjustment
Removable footplate
Wheel set with full brakes, individually lockable

Elevated foot plate
Hand grip
Cross plate
Calf belt
Calf belt mounting
extensive sling program for patient lifter and stand-up aids

Company Name: Ato Form

Model: Vita-Lift®

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