Vehicle Mounted Wheelchair Ramp

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The AmbuRamp is an easily deployable system for carrying patients into and out of an AmbuBus enabled transport vehicle. The load bearing end plate allows instant integration with most vehicles without creating any new holes in the vehicle. The adjustable length of the AmbuRamp enables a gradual incline to ease the effort required to load and unload wheelchairs and stretchers from tall vehicles. Fabricated from strong 6061-T6 aircraft quality anodized aluminum, the AmbuRamp supports up to 2,000 lbs. of distributed weight. The support legs increase weight capacity and stability of the AmbuRamp. The AmbuRamp rolls up for quick storage and rapid deployment.

Rolls up for Storage
Rapid Setup and Dismantling
Transport Bag Included
Gradual Incline
6061-T6 Aircraft Quality Anodized Aluminum
Lightweight Design
Customizable Lengths
Wheelchair Accessible

All-Hazards Functionality of AmbuRamp

Use the AmbuRamp to evacuate people from a building, and to load and unload ambulances and evacuation vehicles equipped with the AmbuBus. The AmbuRamp accessory can be quickly and easily separated into shorter, easier-to-handle sections.

AmbuRamp and AmbuBus Compatibility

The AmbuBus is a universal retrofit kit that converts vehicles of opportunity like a school or transit bus into a mass casualty transport vehicle. The AmbuRamp accessory enables emergency workers to quickly load wheelchairs, gurneys, and stretchers into AmbuBus enabled vehicles. The AmbuRamp quickly dismounts and rolls-up for transport.

Material: 6061-T6 Aircraft Quality Anodized Aluminum
Weight Capacity: 2,000 lbs. of Distributed Weight
Lenght: 15 feet (4.5 meters); customizable to create gradual incline

Company Name: First Line Technology Llc

Model: AmbuRamp

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