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Eleveo is a training device for simultaneous control of unloading, posture and balance on a treadmill or firm surfaces. Systems providing dynamic unloading are a perfect solution for training patients in a wide range of gait disorders.

Used in:
Gait reeducation

Used for:
Therapeutic purposes
Diagnostic purposes (training balance and gait)

Used in:
Therapeutic purposes
Diagnostic purposes (training balance and gait) Ideal for working with:
Neurological patients
Orthopedic patients
Patients after COVID-19 infection
For adults and children


Suitable for treatment of very high (210 cm) patients.
Compact design for easy access to rooms with low doors.
Base: width adjustable from 89,4 cm up to 109,4 cm allows both an easy passage through the most doors and excercises on treadmill in suspension.
Height adjustment, adjustable and interchangeable handrails maximise support during gait training.
Adjustable unique universal harness (S-M-L-XL) and easily made gait direction changes makes it possible to adjust the system to specific needs of each patient, allows the clinics to treat various patients with a single Eleveo system, gives possibility of front, back and sideways gait training.
Fully movable: four-wheel system (2 wheels with full and 2 with directional brake for pre-setting the direction of movement prior to the treatment).
Therapist comfort: electronic panel (portable, magnetically attached), battery-powered electric height adjustment via manual remote control.
Removeable upholstered stool with wheel for manually controlled gait training.
Long lasting battery of weighing module (up to 8 months).

Company Name: Meden Inmed


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