T Handle Walking Stick

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Maximum length

58 cm (23 in)


2 g (0 oz)

Max supported weight

95 kg (209 lb)

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The Carci Aluminum 4-Point Cane is light, resistant and provides better support to the user due to the 4 tips that increase your balance base.

It is indicated for people with deficits in balance and strength, who only need unilateral support with a larger base.

It has 10 levels of height adjustment, by means of an easy-to-attach pin and threaded safety lock, for greater stability when walking.

Its anatomical handle is made of rigid and easy-to-grip polypropylene.

Aluminum rod
• 10 levels of height adjustment, from 0.86 to 1.04 m
• 4-point base in chromed steel with reinforcement
• Non-slip rubber tips with internal metal ring
• Color silver

Company Name: Carci

Model: 8920

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