T Handle Walking Stick

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The Ergonomic Walking Sticks ORTHIA have at the top of the wrist a thick layer of soft material to absorb shocks and prevent the hand from slipping, making them more comfortable and safe for the user.

This soft material is also applied to the bottom and sides of the handle to facilitate the placement of the Walking Stick on any support surface without sliding. Its anatomical shape allows even to lean the Ergonomic Walking Stick to a wall, hang at the back of a chair or on the edge of some furniture.

Equipped with the same base of the ORTHIA Crutches, which by its design and choice of materials with anti-slip characteristics avoid slip, the Ergonomic Walking Sticks are also produced in high-quality aluminum tubes with maximum strength at minimal weight.

Company Name: Nterespuma Industrias De Poliuretanos

Model: 140705 series

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