Seated Gyropode

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The first Omeo in the Evolution series. Designed and built with the best safety and the most unique features of any self-balancing personal transportation device.
The powerful two-wheeled self-balancing platform means you travel over uneven terrain, scale inclines and navigate troughs, while always remaining level in your seat – giving you access to places such as beaches, forests, tracks and pathways that would be impossible for most other personal mobility devices.

It comes in a standard set up that fits through standard doorways and will take you most places, but by changing to the additional Off-Road Kit, you can go almost anywhere – tackling soft sand, gravel, and rough terrains and inclines with minimal impact on the flora and delicate surfaces.

It is smaller, lighter and faster than most other powered mobility devices.

You can operate the Omeo using a choice of two riding modes that are activated by a single lever.

Joystick Mode
The forward and back movement is controlled by shifting your body weight forward and back. You use the Joystick then to move left and right. This is really unobtrusive and really great for manoeuvring in tight spaces.

Active Seat Control (ASC) Mode
The forward and back movement is the same as in Joystick mode, but now that the seat is unlocked, you can control the direction by shifting your weight to the left or right. It is easiest to start by holding onto the handgrips until you get used to how your body can move the machine. With practice, you can go completely hands-free.

Company Name: Omeo Technology

Model: Evolution 1

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