Seated Gyropode

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Nino, voluntarily minimalist design, is a complete break from what is available on the market. Compact, light, colorful and comfortable, Nino highlights its user. Nino, the star is you!

Design is an essential branch in Nino-robotics.

We focus all our efforts on the customer and pay attention to every detail. We try to understand its behavior and how to move to continually improve our products. We take care to select the best French manufacturers and work with them collaboratively.

Exclusive collaboration

Today, 20 French suppliers manufacture the parts required to assemblage our products. Nino has an exclusive collaboration with Ninebot Inc. for our engines. Everything else is designed, manufactured and assembled in France in Clermont l’Hérault (34) on our production lines.

Lightweight aluminum chassis, adjustable saddle and breathable,
slip and tilt handles (option),
removable handlebar for easy transfer and instrument board make the Nino unique.

Nino uses the auto-stabilized technique from Ninebot® technology as propulsion system, modified for use by people with disabilities, with good trunk mobility. The two parallel wheels and sensors allow to go forward when you move your bust forward and backward to brake or reverse. The removable handle allows for the transfer to turn with one hand (the electric motors turn the wheels independently). The turning radius is zero degrees.

Company Name: Nino Robotics

Model: NINO

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