Seat Cushion

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seat, multi-use, commode
for wheelchairs
static air, water
Other characteristics
rectangular, anti-decubitus, washable, waterproof, disinfectable
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Thanks to the fluidity characteristics due to the liquid, the water filling devices are used to obtain a uniform distribution of the load pressure, improving the lowering of return pressures. Made of soft and resistant PVC, they are supplied with a user kit composed of a bag of disinfectant and a filling hose. Indicated for wheelchairs with toilets. They can be washed by running a damp cloth, possibly with disinfectant, over the entire surface of the device.

Material: k80 PVC for medical use thickness 400 mm.

Technical data

Dimensions (unfilled) 46×42 cm
Weight 0,45 kg
Warranty 1 anno/year

Company Name: Biomatrix

Model: CU01700F

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