Seat Cushion

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for wheelchairs
Other characteristics
pressure ulcers, waterproof, breathable
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Good pressure distribution and stabilizing properties.
The foam properties are adapted to the size of the cushion – and therefore the user’s weight.
No adaptation and adjustment necessary.
Temperature stabilizing cover available to secure a good micro climate and prevent pressure ulcers.

29 sizes

Breathable, elastic and durable. The 3D mesh structure enhances the microclimate, ventilates and reduces heat build-up. This strengthens the skin and the resistance of the underlying tissue against internal and external influences, such as pressure and shear. 100% PES (Polyester). Netti Sit is supplied with a waterproof but breathable intermediate cover under the 3D cover to protect the foam cushion.

Durable, breathable, elastic, wipeable and hygienic. PES (Polyester) + PU.

Temperature-stable, breathable, elastic and wear-resistant. Temperature-stabilizing fabric under the 3D cover. This fabric stabilizes at 32 °C, i.e. it gives off heat or insulates when the temperature rises above or falls below this limit. The °C cover slows down and reduces the heating process in the skin and tissue.

The use of softer foam at the rear end of the intermediate layer prevents the forward sliding effect.
The sectioned top foam reduces surface tension and ensures that the user quickly sinks into the cushion so that the pressure is rapidly distributed.
The integrated abduction block affects straightening of the spine and improves the seating position.
Flexible material improves the carrying capacity of the bottom layer and reduces the overall weight.

Company Name: Alu Rehab Aps

Model: SIT

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