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for wheelchairs
foam, gel
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anti-decubitus, washable, anatomical
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EXGEL cushions have had 20 years of success as wheelchair cushions. They are highly acclaimed for their effectiveness in body pressure distribution and bedsore prevention.
When seated in a wheelchair for a long period of time, people complain of buttocks pain and gradual sliding of the buttocks to the front. The EXGEL OWL CUSHION features six types of cushions to match the body type and condition of the user.

EXGEL OWL CUSHION REGULAR is highly recommended for those who can support their torso on their own and can use foot-propelled or low-seat wheelchairs.
The surface supports the body to maintain a comfortable sitting experience.

It effectively reduces pressure on the ischium area, where pressure easily concentrates if an ordinary cushion is used, as well as the area from the coccyx to the sacral. It evenly distributes pressure all the way to your thighs, providing a comfortable sitting experience anytime you sit.

An owl pattern that continuously and gently cradles the body

One of the features of the EXGEL OWL CUSHION is its owl pattern design.

This design enables continuous support of the body—the owl eyes cradle the ischium area, the owl slit reduces the pressure exerted on the area from the coccyx to the sacral, and the owl feathers form elevated edges to ensure support.

The extremely soft EXGEL provides cradling support to the ischium area.

It is an excellent gel material that resists deterioration over time and enables sitting without bottoming out.

A user-friendly design that prevents incorrect use

The shape of the cushion, together with its curves, conforms to the body and allows for breathability.

Stretchable material that fits your body

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