Seat Cushion

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seat, support, pressure relief
for transfer chairs
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The ATTIVO seating systems offer a choice of dual-powered cushions to provide pressure relief and reduced interface pressures for all patient types within all care environments.

Choice of either the B.A.S.E. SEQUENTIAL cushion or the B.A.S.E. RECLINER MAT, which provides a therapeutic support surface for the back as well as the seat.
The cushions feature an active, adaptive surface which provides pressure relief and comfort and can be used equally successfully in wheelchairs or armchairs.
The versatile ATTIVO power unit benefits from dual-power technology, offering a seamless choice of mains or battery operation. The integral battery will operate the power unit continuously for at least 24 hours when fully charged.

Choice of cushion types

Simple and efficient dual power pump

Simply designed interface

Reactive air-filled bellows

Active 1-in-4 cell cycle

Multi-stretch cover

Carry case

Company Name: Talley Group Limited


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