Seat Cushion

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seat, protection, multi-use, commode
for wheelchairs
inflatable, static air
Other characteristics
anti-decubitus, washable
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All Up Bath is a special seat cushion, extra reinforced. For bath / commode chairs to offer a better pressure distribution for prolonged use. Fasten it to the chair with tape. When asked pad can be dried and reused.

The cushion’s design has an effect that ensures stability without obstacles in the patient’s movement. It is made of a non-woven felt, which makes the cushion skin-friendly, moisture-absorbing, heat transferring, soft, comfortable and flexible. It can be used for the same patient for a longer period and comes in a hygienic small package, making it easy to carry and store. All Up Bath is clean, but not sterile.

Company Name: Levabo Medical

Model: SeatAll Bath

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