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The RYSEN enables you to facilitate advanced therapy with 3D bodyweight supported gait and balance over-ground training. By tailoring horizontal and vertical assistive forces to individual patients, clinicians can create a wide variety of functional locomotor activities at an optimal challenge point.

RYSEN also leaves a patient’s natural gait pattern and voluntary movement unaffected to create unrestricted natural training conditions in a large workspace. Using five pre-defined exercises as a starting point, the RYSEN allows you to provide tailored patient therapy programs with confidence using our safe and medically certified hardware.

Key Applications
The RYSEN is medically certified. It enables you to treat balance or gait disabilities caused by neurological, orthopedic, muscular, cardiovascular or other conditions. Such conditions include:
Amputation Cerebral Palsy Parkinson’s Disease Spinal Cord Injury Stroke

Why the RYSEN?
3D Overground Bodyweight Support
All-directional and adjustable supportive forces empower patients to perform functional overground gait, balance, and transfer training through a natural, upright, and hands-free environment.
Broad Variety of Functional Locomotor Activities
With the RYSEN, you can personalise vertical and horizontal assistive forces for individual patients. Thereby increasing the range of functional locomotor activities a subject can carry out at each phase of rehabilitation.
Unrestricted Natural Training Conditions
The RYSEN eliminates sideway limitations and minimises interference with a patient’s voluntary movement.

Company Name: Hocoma

Model: RYSEN

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