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walking, raising, repositioning, rehabilitation
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with head support, disposable
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Simplicity and purpose

Savaria offers a range of sling types and sizes to suit most patients and needs. The universal track systems sling features adjustable head support and breathable mesh fabric. For bath and toileting needs, choose the narrow cut hygienic sling with solid fabric for easy cleaning. A walking sling is also available for those using the ceiling lift in an assistive device capacity for rehabilitation needs.

For healthcare facilities needs, a disposable sling provides ease of use to limit cross infection in acute care areas. Savaria repositioning slings are also available to help with lateral transfers within a healthcare environment.

Greater adjustability
Three hooking options on each of four attachment points allow for proper positioning to accommodate patient mobility requirements. Easily adjustable, slings can be customized for optimum patient comfort. All slings are rated for up for a 600lb capacity and flexible fabric hooks make it easier to ensure secure contact onto the lift clips. Because they are free of rigid reinforcement materials, machine washing and water extraction is easily done.

For healthcare settings, inventory management is made easier with the limited number of sling models offering greater flexibility for patient use with their built-in adjustments. Costly custom slings may almost never be required

Founded in 1993, Silvalea has become a leading supplier for replacement slings and is now a division of Savaria. With a reputation for high quality, an emphasis on superior fit and innovative fabric use for patient comfort, Silvalea slings can make every lift better.

Company Name: Savaria

Model: Silvalea

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