Pneumatic Stander

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COCO Stander enables to verticalize the patient both in the front and rear facing position. This device makes it possible to abduct the lower limbs in the standing position with angle measurement both for the left and the right leg (0o – 30o). This function allows to adjust legs within the frontal plane in a way, which enables proper positioning of the femoral head in the socket. Thus we can achieve an abduction ensuring appropriate placement of the hip joint, and hence we can prevent hip dysplasia.

This device provides the possibility to adjust the verticalization angle from 90o to – 15o. Along with the function enabling to measure the hip joint abduction, the therapist receives a precise device to conduct a safe verticalization of the patient.

This stander is available in 3 sizes.

Company Name: Liw Care Technology

Model: COCO Stander

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