Pediatric Walker

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height-adjustable, with seat, pediatric
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The MoweGo® gait trainer, enhances physical and mental wellbeing, supports active standing and learning to walk or walking. By means of the upright posture and torso support, body, musculature and organism are strengthened. The spring suspension seat eases the gait training.

The MoweGo® gait trainer supports optimal freedom of movement for the user. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. This means that social participation and intellectual abilities are promoted.

Discover, experience, dimensions in their own independence and form can be developed.

Users can perceive their surroundings just like any other person in full size and shape at equal eye-level – which we take for granted – the environment in full view which leads the user to experience sublime moments.

The achieved mobility enables the user to take part in life equally and explore movement in until then unknown spaces.

The wish for vitality through movement is granted by means of the five different sizes, the extensive equipment features and accessories, at any age.

Children in particular have more joy of playing and their imagination can flow freely – Prerequisite to successful inclusion. The user experiences a comprehensive expansion of perspective.

Mentally retarded children
CNS disturbance
Post traumatic and post infectious conditions with disturbance of the locomotor system
and more

Scope of delivery
Sturdy powder coated frame
Two solid-rubber fixed rear wheels
Two solid-rubber swivel front wheels
Furniture protector out of hard rubber
Parking brakes with extra long brake levers
Padded thorax ring, height-adjustable
Padded support handle, height- and tilt adjustable

Company Name: Ato Form

Model: MoweGo®

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