Pediatric Walker

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The tGo Gait Trainer by Thomashilfen puts the child and his/her needs front and center. Discrete technology and clear forms, combined with low weight and a dynamic seat give the child full freedom and mobility. Because of the rounded design it is possible to use the tGo even in the smallest of rooms.

The tGo‘s generous range of settings ensures a long service life. In addition, the innovative and flexible truss pads provide the highest possible individual adjustment for your child. If required, the truss pads can be easily expanded by the modular setup.

The necessary elements to support walking, such as a dynamic seat, the integrated parking and friction brake as well as the ideal seat braking system are also simple and functional. By concentrating on the main functions we are able to offer the tGo at an excellent price-performance ratio.

The child is the centre of attention, functionally and visually
Dynamic saddle supports movement
Long service life and individual adjustment
Easy to use even in small spaces

Divided handle, pair
Vertical hand grips
Pipe for chest pad 20cm, 30cm, 40cm

Company Name: Thomashilfen

Model: tGo

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