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Sometimes people get too warm whilst sitting on a sling in their chair. This can cause discomfort but much worse, it could increase the risk of tissue problems in the longer term. The problem is getting air to the skin.

Whilst most slings are made from breathable fabrics, some seating systems and cushions in wheelchairs are not breathable. In a warm environment this may cause a person to overheat and sweat. The Glove™ Airflow has been uniquely designed to help with this problem.

Our Glove™ slings are available in 12 sizes, with clip and loop options. The Safe Working Load for sizes 1-9 is 200kg and 350kg for sizes 10-12.

12 sizes available with clip or loop options
Sizes in stock from tiniest paediatric to largest bariatric
Designed to be left under user in a chair
3D knitted Polyester fabric with grooves on the outside to allow air to flow around the user
All black to be less noticeable
Unique ‘Pocket Straps’ for maximum discretion and safety
Full support shape to maximise comfort
Integral headshell for added support
Extensor straps give a unique ‘Suspension’ facility that counterpoises extensor spasm
Optional neck pillow for added support
Split leg design without aperture for maximum comfort and minimal tissue viability risk
Wash up to 95 degrees for infection control safely
Tumble dry on low for speed and convenience
Lifetime warranty for manufacturing faults

Product Description

The Glove™ Airflow sling is designed to be left underneath a person whilst seated, providing another unique solution from Care & Independence.

Company Name: Care Independence

Model: Glove™ Airflow

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