Patient Lift Sling

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for patient lifts, repositioning, for wheelchairs
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Certificate – ISO13485:2016

Weight Capacity – 600 lb
Main Material – Full Padded Polyester Fabric
Commode Cut-Out – N/A
Colour – Customized Pantone Reference
Production Capacity – 30,000pcs Per Month

Product Features

* Provides head to knee support and can esily be removed or applied to a patient in a seated or supine position
* Easily inserted or removed from wheelchair while patient is seated because the patient is not sitting on the sling
* Excellent for all patient transfers, especially toileting and bed to chair
* Built-in straps so no additional chains or straps are required
* Comfortable solid Polyester material
* Six (6) point sling hook up
* Available in 5 different sizes (choose above)

Company Name: Dongguan Chuangguo Daily Commodities

Model: CGSL231 series

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