Patient Lift Sling

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for patient lifts, raising, for wheelchairs
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An ergonomic sling for comfortable lifting during bathing and shower situations

A bath sling for most lifting situations in homecare and institutional environments
Supports the whole body
Durable and flexible polyester net with good ventilation that makes it dry fast

Support for the body
RgoSling MediumBack Net provides support for the body and is suitable for a user with headcontrol.

Molift RgoSling MediumBack Net-version
The RgoSling MediumBack Net is fabricated in a soft net mesh polyester material. The material breathes well and dries very quickly. The sling is especially suitable for shower and bathing situations. The net version has the same shape and features as the padded versions, such as; sliding loops, application pocket in the back and legrests and straps for increased weight distribution in the leg parts.

The sliding loops give a balanced weight distribution.

Colour coded hoisting loops on the legrest make it possible to find the right fit when assessing the seat angle.

Application pockets
Pockets in the back and on the legrests facilitate application, primarily in sitting position.

Flip up labelling system
Clear and visible information for everyday need. Maintenance information flips up behind the main label.

Company Name: Etac

Model: Molift RgoSling MediumBack Net

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