Passive Wheelchair

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outdoor, indoor
with legrest, height-adjustable, with headrest, reclining
Total height (cm)

Min.: 990 mm (39 in)

Max.: 1,500 mm (59.1 in)

Total length (cm)

Min.: 1,100 mm (43.3 in)

Max.: 1,700 mm (66.9 in)

Max supported weight (kg)

160 kg (352.7 lb)

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Marcus is a multi-purpose wheelchair intended for people with limited mobility. The two Marcus versions, equipped with different wheels, allows use in differing environments and conditions. Reclining backrest, inclining leg rest and tilting seat are adjustable with gas springs that offer fluid and comfortable movements.

Ruote –
300, 600

Calf-rest height and depth

Extendible armrest,
height and depth adjustable

Quick footboard extension

Inclining with height and depth-adjustable footrests

Adjustable and removable armrests
Height-adjustable. 4 positions of
1.5 cm each

Wrap-around headrests
Front-rear adjustable
and removable

Removable leg rest
Height, width and
inclination adjustable from 0 to 80°
with gas spring

and parking brakes

Height and side adjustable and removable

Depth-adjustable armrests
Depth- adjustable armrests, max 7.5 cm

Wrap-around and adjustable backrest
Washable, 7 cm height
adjustment, inclination from 0
to 30°

Tilting seat
Up to 48°, depth and width
adjustable of 5 cm with wrap-
around, washable, seamless

Wheel ∅ 600
Wheel diameter 600 mm with handrail
and drum and parking brake

Company Name: Antano Group


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