Passive Wheelchair

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folding, reclining
Tare weight (kg)

15 kg (33.1 lb)

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SOFAO: beach amphibian chair

The SOFAO, for the access to beach shores and lake shores, to relax in a comfortable position and enjoy bathing in the sea.

The SOFAO is an amphibian chair which enables a guide to take the passenger from the car to the sea after crossing the beach, without any necessary transfer in between and even without specialized access system.

The guide helps getting in and out of the water safely, thanks to the front handle.

Four floaters with multiple positions allow total immersion up to the shoulders, enabling the passenger to be totally autonomous once into the water.

You can also relax, without transfer, because the SOFAO becomes a comfortable deckchair thanks to the adjustable backrest.

The Sofao is entirely foldable without any tools. You can roll it while folded and easily transport it in the boot of a middle-size car in order take it everywhere.

• to take a shower, alone or assisted
• to enjoy bathing, being immersed up to the shoulders.
• to move in the water with simple movements.
• to dry off and sunbathe.
• to choose your level of immersion thanks to 6-positions floaters.

Company Name: Joelette Co

Model: SOFAO

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