Passive Wheelchair

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with legrest, reclining
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Product name WHEELCHAIR Model RA-812
External dimensions Approximately 1285 x 675 x 1290(H)mm
Weight Approximately 60kg
Max. load 1000N (100kgf)
Materials FRP (back rest, exterior),
formed polyethylene (contacting area)
stainless steel (main parts), nylon (safety belt)
Transfer accessible angle 180 degrees (front, right and left)
Back rest angle (81 – 60 degrees)
Seat height & width Approximately 455 mm/ 480 mm
Caster Dia. 125mm (rear with lock)
Collateral functions Foldable leg rest, flappable side fences,
reclining lock release foot pedal, sliding pillow
Standard accessories Pad (RA812-003) x 2 sheets,
Safety Belt (RA812-002) x 2 sets,
Pillow (RA812-004) x 1 pc.,
Seat (RA812-005) x 1 pc.,
Backrest (RA812-006) x 1 pc.,
Leg Rest (RA812-007) x 1 pc.

Company Name: Og Wellness Technologies

Model: RA-812

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