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BEACHSTAR Water Wheelchair Designed by manufacturer Nart Access.

The Beachstar Beach Wheelchair is the perfect partner for people with limited mobility to move easily on the beach, pebble, beach and sea and swim in the sea.

The Beachstar Water Wheelchair is designed to meet the needs of people with disabilities for holiday and even bathing, with a perfect design.

BEACHSTAR sea chair effectively solved the holiday and entertainment problem of people with disabilities. The disabled wheelchair can be installed and dismantled in a matter of minutes without the aid of tools, allowing the disabled and older people to transfer easily to the beach, sea and gravel.
The BEACHSTAR wheelchair is the ideal solution for non-equipped swimming pools, beaches and even bathing facilities at sea.

BEACHSTAR Water Wheelchair; It complies with EN12182 CE and EN 13485 CE directives and provides a light weight and years of freedom that you can use safely with its anticorrosion chassis which is not affected by sea and pool water.
Our Advantages !
Foldable and removable chassis
Chassis Feature with Anticorrosion
Polyethylene Castors that can go in sand and float in water
Easy transfer thanks to push-out wheel option
Non-explosion and do not sink in the sand Polyethylene wheel possibility
Due to the fabric that dries immediately, no wet ground is possible.
It is possible to adjust the foot length according to the height of the person.
Wheels, back and legs are removable and removable with a simple pin mechanism.
Technical Specifications

Total Chassis Length: 1050 mm
Floor Seating Height 340 mm
Product Total Weight: 8 kg Chassis + 4 kg casters
Max. Portable User Weight 120 kg

Company Name: Nart Access

Model: Beach Star

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