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Ormesa treadmill (Italy), Some of the most advanced in the market, Suitable for all ages from small children to adults

Girillo is a walker and a walking practitioner whose purpose is to help and / or allow easy and easy independent walking.

The treadmill has many tuning options that give the user maximum help for good and safe walking.

The treadmill is easy to operate, Compact and suitable for different terrain conditions, allowing free use both indoors and outdoors.

The treadmill exists as a front or rear treadmill, In one product.
Can be folded for maximum mobility
A fixed center of gravity that does not change in height
4 Dimensions suitable for a wide age range – Treadmill “grows up” With the child, No need for frequent measurement.
2 Ergonomic supports embrace the pelvis and back – Enables proper and stable walking
Quick and simple ability to fit the treadmill to the user”Handles (Taps) No additional tools needed
Wheels suitable for all types of surfaces
Easily adjustable at height”J. 2 Gas pistons
4 Degrees of difficulty, For walking at the user’s pace
4 Degrees of difficulty, For walking at the user’s pace

Company Name: Galkal

Model: Grillo

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