Manual Wheelchair

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outdoor, indoor
with legrest, folding
Total height (cm)

920 mm (36.2 in)

Total length (cm)

960 mm, 995 mm (37.8 in)

Max supported weight (kg)

120 kg (264.6 lb)

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Folding wheelchair made of coated aluminium with tubular frame with round cross-section and double cross. The armrests can be folded, removed and adjusted in height by means of an interlocking system. The footrests are made of plastic and feature tibiotarsal adjustment and heel straps. The wheelchair is equipped with quick-release rear wheels. These wheels are available in two sizes: small with ø 300 and large with ø 600.

Moreover, the device has small rear manoeuvring wheels that can be fitted in case the rear wheels are removed in order to reach tight spaces.

300, 600

Company Name: Antano Group

Model: AURA

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