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height-adjustable, commode
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Nielsen Line 24” Self-propelled with magnesium Wheels

Netweave backrest

As standard the chair is fitted with
2 antitip bars for safety.

This prevents the chair from tilting
backwards, even if the user pushes hard backwards or accelerates very fast.

The self-propelling wheels have quick

release axles so they are easy to remove for cleaning and height adjustment.

The quick release axles and the bearings are made of stainless steel.

The chair has a handbrake in aluminum.

The brake is continously variable and can
be adjusted to fit the need of the individual user regarding braking power and tightness.
Nielsen Line shower/commode chairs come
as standard with height adjustable and
angle adjustable footrests.

The height and angle is easy to adjust
without the use of tools
and a bushing in the footrest holder ensures
that the footrests are mounted secure.

The adjustment possibilities of the footrests
and the shape of the footplate ensures
optimal fit for your feet.

The armrest is provided with a TPE coating on the surface.

The TPE is comfortable to rest your arms on,
as it is hygienic and nonslip.

The armrest can be removed easily by swinging it
to a 45° angle and removingit it sideways.

This provides a advantage by sideways transfers.

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Model: 313030+313040+313044

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