Manual Wheelchair

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outdoor, indoor
Frame materials
Wheel color
Max supported weight (kg)

100 kg (220.5 lb)

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• Frame :1″ dia. tubes
• Seat : 18″X17″
• Front wheels : 7″
• Rear wheels : 22″ airless PU tires, with
hand support rims.

1. Fully detachable armrests; orthopedic
footrests. Suitable for sitting and
2. Backrest with stepless adjustment.
3. Footrests can be sideways, with
stepless hi-lo adjustment.
4. Retractable frame ; double brakes.
5. Dual-purpose seat pad, good in summer and winter.
6. Suitable for stroke or bedridden patients.

1. Maximum load capacity is 100 kg.
2. While unfolding the wheelchair, your fingers must press forward on the seat pad. DO NOT press
outwards, or you might get pinched.
3. Make sure it is braked before the patient gets in or out of the wheelchair, to avoid danger. 4. DO NOT stand on the footrests while getting in or out of the wheelchair, to avoid overturning

Company Name: Chen Kuang Industries Co Ltd

Model: MA-WC-001

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