Manual Wheelchair

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with legrest, folding, commode
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Wheelable – a unique wheelchair for non-accessible bathrooms and toilets

The Wheelable is the only wheelchair in the world that makes it possible for the physically challenged person to be independent in u sing regular non- wheelchair accessible washrooms.

The set of wheels is opposite from the regular wheels and makes it possible for better manipulation. Manipulation is up to twice better than a specially outfitted bathroom chair for the independent user.

The location of the wheels is unique and makes it possible for the chair to ride backwards in toward a regular toilet without the need for spacious areas from the walls as appear in accessible bathrooms and toilet stalls.

The size of the wheel and its location under the seat makes the breadth of the seat especially narrow, providing a significant advantage in narrow passages.

The location of the wheel under the seat and the folding arm rest make for easy maneuvering, and make an easier and safer transfer from chair to chair or from bed to chair.

Push up folding arm rest make for comfortable seating on the chair alongside an upholstered waterproof seat which make for comfortable seating for a lengthy time period.

Company Name: Seatara Medical Ltd

Model: Wheelable

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