Manual Wheelchair

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Patient type
outdoor, indoor
height-adjustable, stand-up
Frame color
white, orange
Wheel color
Max supported weight (kg)

30 kg, 45 kg, 65 kg, 80 kg (66.1 lb)

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Using me, you can practice standing on your own two legs. Regular standing trains your muscles and improves the bone density. My body supports, which can be adapted in height, width and depth, can adapt to your body measurements. My two large rear wheels round me off perfectly. Using these, you can go anywhere – completely independently.

What todd. can do:
For independent mobility:
Wheels with hand rims
For an alternation between active and passive phases:
The central column can be tilted from 0° to 15°
For optimum support:
Strap as back support; the abductable frame shape offers plenty of space for getting in and out; footrests can be changed in height, depth and angle
To adjust to growth:
The chest support pad with lateral guide is adjustable in height and width
For an optimum upright position:
The pelvic frame can easily be adjusted in depth using a crank
For more activity:
The posterior support pads can be removed; the adapter can be unfolded for easy transfer
For individual grip options:
The wheel camber can be adapted to the optimum grip width
For a steady stand:
The foot plate or footrests can be equipped with heel edges and foot straps
For extra safety:
Suspended support wheels with parking brake
For extra comfort:
Perspex therapy table

Company Name: Schuchmann

Model: todd

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