Manual Wheelchair

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outdoor, indoor
with legrest, with headrest, reclining
Tare weight (kg)

10 kg, 30 kg (22 lb)

Max supported weight (kg)

120 kg (264.6 lb)

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The Nomad is a custom made wheelchair, fully adapted to the needs and convenience of each individual user. Thanks to the fully adaptive design of the Nomad we are able to create a different wheelchair for every one of our customers.

The Orthos seating system

With the integration of a seating that relies on the latest digital 3D scanning techniques we have defined a new standard in wheelchairs. The custom made foam seatings guarantee a 100 % fit. Combined with a finishing of highquality leather and an extremely rigid housing we provide optimum comfort and durability all-in-one. The Nomad is designed as a chassis for the Orthos Seating System. However it is also possible to easily fit any other orthosis into the aluminium seating shell.

One design. Endless possibilities.
People change. The Nomad adapts.
As we progress in life our needs might change. The Nomad is build to change with you. Even after years of use. Every part of the Nomad is replaceable and customisable: from frame to wheels to seating. This makes the Nomad a very flexible and sustainable wheelchair, an economic- and environmental choice.

Company Name: Orthos International

Model: NOMAD

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