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The AmbuResponse Wheelchair Package allows for the seamless configuration of the AmbuBus for use with non-ambulatory patients with various needs. Each package allows for the safe and easy transport of up to three wheelchair-bound patients (one Wheelchair Package replaces one set of three stretchers in the Standard AmbuBus Kit).

Includes: Inter-Frame Connector Mounts (qty. 2), Horizontal Inter-Frame Connectors (qty. 2), Accessory Mounts (qty. 2-4), Ratchet Straps (qty. 2-6), Patient Restraint Straps (qty. 1-3).

Seamless AmbuBus Integration
Easily Configurable/Reconfigurable
Compatible with All Wheelchairs (Including Power Wheelchairs)
Easy to Secure/Remove Wheelchair
Front-and Side-Loading Options
Convert From Wheelchair to Stretcher Use and Back in Seconds

Ambulances are capable of transporting two patients per trip, making them inefficient and costly to operate during mass casualty incidents. Most large buses can be retrofitted with one AmbuBus Kit to transport up to 18 wheelchair-bound patients when the majority of bus seats are removed. These configurations leave ample room for medical personnel and equipment. AmbuBus installation can be customized to allow for space for additional medical staff, ambulatory patients, stretchers, and more.

Regardless of a locality’s size, there are always buses available for public or student transportation needs. By incorporating these buses and the AmbuBus Kit into disaster plans, communities can be more prepared to help those with special needs. Localities can store palletized, stackable AmbuBus Kits in bus depots to allow for easy installation in case of disaster or mass casualty incident.

Company Name: First Line Technology Llc

Model: 55-06-001

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