Manual Wheelchair

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outdoor, indoor
Frame materials
Frame color
black, gray, blue, white, green
Tare weight (kg)

3.9 kg (8.6 lb)

Max supported weight (kg)

120 kg (264.6 lb)

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ULTRA means innovation.

The commitment and constant research have contribuited to a further reduction of weights and new technical solutions.
ULTRA is today the lightest multi-adjustable wheelchair on the market. Thanks to the new geometry of the magnesium alloy frame and the innovative Aria® patented carbon fiber central axis, the product is rigid and maneuverable at the same time, ideal for an expert user. The most performing materials, the more innovative assembly technics as well as the CNC machining of 7075 aluminum components are a guarantee of quality and excellence.

ULTRA, a single word that describes an idea of mobility!

ULTRA is CE marked and has been designed and tested in conformity to the UNI and ISO 7176 regulations. Classifiable as a super light wheelchair, it weighs around 4.8 kg.

Principal benefits to the user:
Rigidity, lightness, smoothness and reactivity.

Standard configuration:
Adjustable Tension Backrest BKRTT, central axle in carbon fibre with Aria® patented shock absorbing technology ASAT, side guards and relating supports in carbon fibre, rigid seat and relating supports in carbon fibre, brakes support in carbon fibre, padding with breathable fabric and inserts in genuine leather, stainless steel screws + the STD optional.

Company Name: Aria Wheels

Model: ULTRA

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