Manual Wheelchair

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outdoor, indoor
Frame materials
aluminum, carbon fiber
Frame color
black, white, blue, gray, red
Tare weight (kg)

6 kg (13.2 lb)

Max supported weight (kg)

120 kg (264.6 lb)

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2.0 Al is wholly Italian and hand built. Its shape recalls the unmistakable Aria® ‘family feeling’. It is a lightweight, multi-adjustable wheelchair which, in its standard configuration, is equipped with a foldable backrest for better handling during transport, rigid aluminium frame and with new structural components that allow it to adapt to the needs of the user.

In addition to a wide selection of customisable elements, it is possible to choose between:

Aluminium or carbon fibre axle
Open or closed frame angle
2.0 Al was designed with even more adjustments, with an user centered design approach and focused on the postural aspects. The adjustable rigid seat pan, makes the product perfectly adaptable to different needs. The choice of a rigid carbon fiber seat, ensures the required dimensional aspects are maintained over time.

High safety, performance and durability standards are ensured by the use of the best materials. Innovative assembly techniques and new structural adhesives have allowed us to obtain excellent results with the 2.0 Al.

2.0 Al is CE certified and has been designed and tested in conformity to the UNI and ISO 7176 regulations. Classifiable as a lightweight wheelchair, it weighs around 6 kg.

Principal benefits to the user:
Solidity, exceptional manoeuvrability, ease of movement and user-friendly multi adjustability

Standard configuration:
Adjustable Tension Backrest BKRTT + folding system, carbon fibre rigid seat pan, stainless steel screws + the STD optional in its relating order form.

Company Name: Aria Wheels

Model: 2.0Al

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