Lever Propelled Wheelchair

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Rear-wheel steering.

Turn on dime. RoChair steers with its single rear wheel from the handlebars. Anti-tip wheels ensure stability. Integrated in the rear wheel is hub brake also actuated with the handlebar.

Easy transfer.

Lifting your body in and out of your chair induces peak strain forces on your shoulders and wrists.

Because RoChair’s 20-inch wheels are located under the seat transfer is a breeze. In park-mode just swing up one of the arm rests and slide right on in. You’ll find lots of clearance to swing your leg on over. Talk about easy transfer.

Save your shoulders, wrists, and hands.

An estimated 90% of all wheelchairs are push-rim propelled, a physically straining form of ambulation that can lead to repetitive strain injuries in the arms and, eventually, to secondary impairments and compounded disability.

RoChair provides a bio-mechanically efficient and non-injurious means of self-propulsion.

Leave your gloves at home.

Company Name: Rota Mobility

Model: RoChair™

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