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Ergonomic handles made of cork TPE
Robust support aid made of stable carbon and loadable up to 100 kg
Low weight of only 278 grams
Easy to transport thanks to folding mechanism
Pole length adjustable from 83,5 cm to 93,5 cm

Whether you are walking, traveling, or simply need support in everyday life, the carbon walking stick provides you with safety and stability while walking.

To give you the help you need, the Saljol Carbon walking stick has two handles. From the top, they can safely lean on it while walking. The lower handle, similar to a stick for Nordic walking, provides mobility support on walks. The handles themselves are ergonomically designed and, thanks to cork TPE, provide a natural feel to the touch. Arms and wrists are protected.

Many walking sticks are unwieldy because they cannot be reduced in size or folded. Yet it would be so convenient if you could simply get your walking aid out of your handbag as needed or store it in the hall closet to save space. With the Saljol Carbon walking stick, this is possible in just a few simple steps!

Thanks to its folding mechanism, it can be pulled apart and folded in two places. And already it has a packing size of 43 x 12 x 3 cm. So it is only 43 cm long and can be secured with the included rubber band.

So that the stick also fits your height, you can adjust the handle height gradually, from 83.5 cm to 93.5 cm support height.

The walking stick is made of very sturdy and robust carbon and weighs just 278 grams, which is about as much as a packet of butter. However, you can load it with up to 100 kg.

Company Name: Saljol


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