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Below are some useful links with more information on smartCRUTCH™ and their benefits.

It is paramount for people with disabilities to be able to use crutches comfortably. Just standing or walking allow for improved bone growth, helping blood circulation, reducing bladder infections and pressure lesions.

Walking with crutches offers psychological and physiological advantages that a person cannot gain by sitting and using wheeled mobility aids. So the use of crutches helps people with disabilities to be able to move around freely, contributing to their circulation and psychological well being.

Now, conventional crutches can present numerous problems and therefore are sometimes a hindrance rather than a benefit. Crutch palsy occurs when the outer edge of the crutch saddle damages nerves in the axilla and can lead to total or partial paralysis in some of the muscles of the arm and hand. There are also more serious complications from prolonged axillary crutch use like formation of aneurysm’s and axillary artery thrombosis.

For smartcrutch it was imperative to use bio-mechanics to solve these problems, using sound ergonomic principals in line with the anatomies natural relaxed state.With a bio-mechanically favorable crutch like the smartCRUTCH, long and short-term crutch users will feel the benefits after having tried them.
Our crutches will provide better mobility, without the obstacles of conventional axillary crutches. There will be less discomfort and harsh forces on the hands, wrists and axilla.

Company Name: Smartcrutch

Model: smartCRUTCH™

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