Foldable Adaptative Tricycle

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foldable, lever-propelled, electric
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The Di Blasi R34 tricycle with electric motor is a foldable tricycle for adults with an auxiliary motor, suitable for all ages.
Thanks to its ability to fold up completely, the R34 electric tricycle is easily transportable on other modes of transport (in the boot of a car, by boat, train, public transport), guaranteeing freedom of movement and a superior versatility when compared with common tricycles on the market, whether pedal-powered or electric.
The R34 model is quick and easy to fold and unfold, just as the model R32: it fits the same frame with the only difference being that you must first remove or insert the battery, which is nonetheless extremely easy and can be done in a few seconds.
The R34 foldable electric scooter’s auxiliary electric motor allows you to pedal without any effort, even uphill, with full respect for the environment.
If you want to pedal without the help of the motor, just press the switch placed on the handlebars.
Low and robust frame, to facilitate access for the elderly and those with reduced mobility
Great stability and safety, thanks to the three 20” wheels
5 sprocket free wheel controller by derailleur
Light and reliable lithium battery, easy to insert and remove, equipped with an electronic battery-charge meter
Immediate activation and deactivation of the electric motor, using the designated switch on the handlebars.
Equipped with: foldable pedals, rear baggage-rack, wheels for dragging it when it is folded, front and tail LED lights.
Large selection of accessories upon request, for those with mobility problems: seat with backrest, foldable pedals with toe clip fitted, rear derailleur controlled by Left shifter.

Company Name: Di Blasi

Model: mod. R34

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