Electric Wheelchair Drive Unit

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The seat support and mobility of the Roxx and the Canto Nxt combined with the Power of @Work! If because of reduced strength in the arms or a decrease in endurance a wheelchair user is restricted in moving the wheelchair independently.

@Work has the solution. The @Work electric power assist gives extra push support and the power assist can be fully adapted to the needs of the user. As soon as the wheel’s hoop drive is set in motion, the engine activates and the chair is driven smoothly. In other words, Mobility with Power!

Adjustable speed of 0 – 6 km
Drive adjustable for each wheel. Can be operated from one side or both
Operating range 18 km
Easy to assembly using the Quick Release axle
Crash test-safe

@Work in brief

Easy support
Each wheel can be fully individually programmed
Can be adjusted for one-handed operation of the wheelchair
Unity of power assists and wheelchair in terms of safety and looks
Integrated engines in rear wheels
Easy to assemble: click & go with QR axle
Removable and detachable battery
User-friendly control unit
Optional additional drive programme with control unit
Operating range 18 km
Adjustable speed 0-6 km/h

Company Name: Life Mobility

Model: @Work

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