Electric Wheelchair Drive Unit

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UNAwheel Maxi is a high-performance power add-on that fits most wheelchairs on the market.
-High-performance and reliable:
Powerful 450W motor, up to 25 km range, 14″ wheel diameter, 20 km/h max. speed.
– Travel-friendly:
UNAwheel Maxi is powerful but its Li-ion battery is still IATA-compliant.
You can take the add-on anywhere you go.
– Universal:
Maxi fits most wheelchairs both Basic and Active.
– Versatile:
UNAwheel Maxi is equally perfect for city rides and trips to the countryside.
– And more:
Simple attaching mechanism, intuitive driving, strong brakes, good design, reasonable weight, maneuverability.

Wheel: 14″, pneumatic.
Motor: 36V, 450W, brushless, direct
Battery: Li-ion, 8Ah, 288Wh
Controller: 36V, 20A max.

Maximum load: 120 kg
Range: up to 25 km (depending on the type of terrain, road surface, the weight of the user and temperature)

Max. speed: 20 km/h (the device can be speed-limited to comply with local regulations)
Five speed modes:
MAX 6 – up to 6 km/h
MAX 12 – up to 12 km/h
MAX 18 – up to 18 km/h
MAX (maximum speed permitted) – up to 20 km/h
The reverse mode: The reverse maximum speed is 3 km/h.

Display: LCD, waterproof
Light: diode lantern
Signal: horn
Certification: CE

Weight of the unit: 11.3 kg
Weight of the battery: 2 kg
Unit + battery weight: 13.3 kg
Weight of the adapter: 1.7 kg

Braking: mechanical drum brakes + parking brake
CPM: Central Positioning Mechanism
Climbing capability: max. grade of 14%*
*With a fully-charged battery and a 60 kg user weight.

Company Name: Unacare

Model: UNAwheel Maxi

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