Electric Wheelchair Drive Unit

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“Rydwan” electric drive for an active manual wheelchair, perfect for people traveling with their wheelchair and those who do not have too much space to store a large electric wheelchair. The electric drive will prove to be an ideal solution that allows you to remain independent and free to travel independently with a stroller. Changing from electric to manual wheelchair and vice versa takes a few seconds. The drive is attached to the customer’s active trolley, there is no need to buy a new trolley Thanks to the electric drive, you can easily overcome even distant routes with the trolley, because the lithium-ion battery used in the drive allows you to travel up to 40 km and its small size and weight allow us to always have a second set of batteries with us and, if necessary, only replace it in order to be able to continue using electric driving. Lithium-ion batteries are the most modern batteries on the market, which are characterized by their low weight and twice as long service life as compared to gel batteries. Connecting the drive consists in connecting two clamps at the ends of the drive to the front tubes in the trolley. The “Rydwan” was presented for the first time at the Rehacare 2015 Fair in Düseldorf, where it enjoyed great interest and recognition among visitors to our stand. The “Rydwan” drive is our answer to customers’ inquiries about a drive that can be used not only in a cross-type stroller, but also in active strollers. The drive was designed and manufactured by our company, and as a Polish manufacturer, we have all spare parts for it, and if necessary, also service.

Company Name: Pt Tanalski


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