Electric Wheelchair

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electric, passive
all-terrain, hiking
with headrest
Total height (cm)

1.2 cm, 28.5 cm (3.9 in)

Total length (cm)

92 cm (36.2 in)

Total width (cm)

0.6 cm, 68 cm (0.2 in)

Tare weight (kg)

38 kg (83.8 lb)

Max speed (km/h)

6 km/h (3.7 mph)

Battery life (h)

4 h

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The e-Joëlette for hiking, trekking or running on any kind of terrains, even the roughest ones and without effort!

The e-Joëlette is an all-terrain one-wheeled chair that enables any person with reduced mobility or disability, children or adult, to get involved in hiking excursions or running activities with the help of at least two guides.

The e-Joëlette provides an electrical assistance up to 6km/h. This model facilitates the use of the Joëlette and supports the guide on long excursions, strong slopes or in case of heavy passengers.

From a leisurely walk to runs and even marathons, the Joëlette adapts to all outdoor activities. Designed for both family outings and more intense sports and recreation, the Joëlette enables the access to the roughest terrains so far inaccessible with a classic wheelchair.

Easily foldable, the e-Joëlette fits into every middle size car.

• Share outdoor activities with family, friends, associations…
• Enjoy life together with strolls, hikes and change of scenery.
• Push the boundaries of possibility and surpass yourself with sporting and human challenges
• Discover the nature and new landscapes (mountains, natural parks, forests, trips abroad…)
• Participate in races, marathons and adventure racing…
• Discover the natural, historical and cultural heritage.

Company Name: Joelette Co

Model: e-Joëlette

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