Electric Wheelchair

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Frame materials
Total height (cm)

900 mm (35.4 in)

Total length (cm)

1,000 mm (39.4 in)

Total width (cm)

630 mm (24.8 in)

Tare weight (kg)

21 kg (46.3 lb)

Max supported weight (kg)

120 kg (264.6 lb)

Max speed (km/h)

6 km/h (3.7 mph)

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Galbino Lightweight Folding Wheelchair Advantages:

1. The Lightweight Folding Wheelchair to offer effective everyday posture support.

2. The Strong Aluminum wheelchair has been designed with the care in mind, folding in a matter of seconds and requiring minimal storage space.

3. The backrest folds completely against the frame, as do the footrests which easily detach and lock out of harm’s way.

4. The push handles are spaced wide apart to offer the correct stance for maximum control when pushing.

5. Lightweight construction at just 21 kg means it can be lifted and transported without back or muscle strain.

6. The Strong magnesium wheels provide day long comfort for occupants weighing up to 120kg.

7. The innovative Minimo brush motor provides a freewheeling and enjoyable driving experience.

8. Easy to fold and carry.

9. Lightweight – 21 kg only with Magnesium wheels.

Company Name: Galbino Technology

Model: G-D6-5-EW2

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