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An AKTIVLINE E-Mobile care system consists of a dynamic and individually adapted seat shell which is mounted on a standard electric wheelchair with front or center wheel drive. This enables patients to move independently.

Individually configured dynamic seating system
Aluminum design
With vacuum body impression or anatomical upholstery
For all commercially available electric wheelchairs with front or center wheel drive
Enables independent mobility

AKTIVLINE E-Mobile models are mounted on an electric wheelchair and can be customized almost limitlessly. They consist of a seat and back unit connected to each other via physiological pivot points. They are available with different undercarriages as well as a complete or split foot rest. The seat and back unit are fitted with good anatomical basic padding or a body impression as well as adduction guides and lateral side supports. The various accessories are selected and added according to the individual requirements.

Individually configured dynamic seating system mounted on E-wheelchair
Anatomical molding of seat with adduction guide
Anatomical upholstery in the back
Lateral side supports
Physiological pivot points in the pelvic and knee regions
Pelvis adjustment unit and system restraint at 90°
Prepared for mounting of dynamic foot rest systems
Prepared for mounting of head rest brackets and restraints
Adapter unit for connecting the seat and back unit to selected undercarriages

Vacuum body impression
Customized mounting of the control system according to the patient’s wishes

An extensive range of accessories is available for patients and accompanying persons.

Company Name: Interco Group

Model: E-Mobile

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