Electric Wheelchair

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Patient type
outdoor, indoor
with legrest, height-adjustable, reclining
Frame materials
Total length (cm)

1,115 mm (43.9 in)

Total width (cm)

Max.: 926 mm (36.5 in)

Min.: 676 mm (26.6 in)

Tare weight (kg)

100 kg (220.5 lb)

Max supported weight (kg)

325 kg (716.5 lb)

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Cobi Cruise comfort wheelchair. The most powerful wheelchair on the market for use in the rehabilitation of bariatric users. Equipped with tilt-in-space, recline and many other functions

Cobi Cruise comfort wheelchair is used in care centres and hospitals, in home care and in private homes for bariatric users in need of a comfort wheelchair with a pressure-relieving seat.

Ideal use for
– bariatric users up to 325 kg

Cobi Cruise is a bariatric comfort wheelchair with electric tilt-in-space and recline. It is based on the challenges of a daily routine to improve quality of life for each bariatric user. Therefore, it is tested by Danish bariatric users, thus contributing with valuable suggestions for improvement.

Cruise means freedom. Freedom to move. From bedridden to independent. Cruise also means safety for both user and caregiver. Features like push bar, electric tilt-in-space, and recline considerably reduce the risk of physically overloading the caregiver, while still allowing maximum comfort, mobility, and social life for the user.

Negative tilt helps the independent user in safely getting in and out of the wheelchair. Negative tilt means that the front of the seat cushion is lowered. This reduces the access height which, in turn, makes getting in and out easier for the independent user. The function negative tilt is activated using the controller.

Recline provides the apple-shaped user with supported and comfortable seating. When the back of the wheelchair is tilted backwards, the pelvis of the user is automatically opened. This provides improved respiration for apple-shaped users.

Company Name: Cobi Rehab

Model: Cruise

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