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Sit to Stand Lift RAISA Standard
Manual mast and kneepad positioning

Spreadable base e.g. for use when lifting from a wheelchair
2 locking casters
5 footplate height adjustments
Emergency Off button
Smooth and swayfree lifting via hand controls
Manual and electric emergency lowering
Removable 24 V / 2,9 Ah Battery-Pack incl. charging cable
Safe, effortless transport by 4 light casters 75 mm
Lifting capacity 350 lbs
Clip attachments
Incl. leg fixation straps
Color: Pearl Gold / Anthracite
Versatile belt program for a wide range of applications
Base length 985 mm
Base width closed/open 670 mm / 957 mm
Base height 107 mm
Overall height min./max. 1207 mm / 1837 mm
Lifting range 580 mm
Battery capacity 24 V / 2.9 amps

The safe and comfortable standing and transfer aid to help people with weakened leg musculature.

The Original RAISA lift was conceived, patented, and produced by experienced specialists for people who cannot stand up or move from place to place safely without assistance.

The RAISA standing aid can be adapted without problem to any person’s body size. Depending on your wishes and needs and the model desired, the RAISA can be purchased in either motorized or manual versions.

The RAISA lift facilitates straight, completely relaxed standing, as well as pleasant, light transport even over longer distances. The RAISA lift functional and solidly built down to the last detail. The base legs are easily spread to allow direct access to wheelchair patients. Once the base is back in the normal position, the RAISA lift can pass through even narrow doorways.

Company Name: Horcher Medical Systems

Model: R500

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